Friday, April 12, 2013


MG RX-79(G)WIP 2

So I basically just wasted a good day and half on a really stupid but annoying problem. When removing the seam lines on the torso, all were taken care of with plastic cement and primer filling, except one. On the left side of the torso where the front and back pieces connect, there was a stress mark and the front pieces didn't match up with the back. This made it so that seam was never properly cemented together all the way. So after filling with primer and and sanding and repeating over and over again I said **** it and used some epoxy putty. Each time the front piece would just flex and bend down breaking the filler during the process of sanding. As a result of all this hoo-ha over one damn seam line there was some over sanding so, I layed the putty down thick and sanded it back into shape. Now I'm back on track.

There will be one more WIP post, and then I'll put up a finished display post after decals, panel lines, and weathering.

As always, thanks for the view!

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