Sunday, April 7, 2013

MG 1/100 RX-79(G) WIP

With the Real Grade Mk-II out of the way I've finally been able to get back to work on other things. This is a kit a received a long time ago as  my commission. I've sold a finished kit and received a few more commissions since. My client let me know from the get go that I could work on this kit very leisurely and take my time, since I don't have much of that anyway. Having said that, it is time to get this done. I'll be removing some seamlines, painting the head, the blue parts, the red parts, the yellow parts, and finally the armory next. All panel lining will be done in brown/grey enamel to account for the owner's style preferences. After all that is taken care of I will be very lightly weathering this kit with some chipping and streaks. It should look pretty decent with the reddish brown shading done to prepare for the other weathering steps. I should have this done in about a week or so, so check back soon!

Colors thus far:

Frame: Alclad Duralumin + Testors Window Tint (smoke)

Armor: Mr. Color Flat White shaded with Mr. Color Red-Brown.

            Mr. Color Flat Red shaded with Mr. Color Red-Brown+ 10% Flat Red

Thanks for viewing as always :)


  1. mhmmmm looks really good so far

  2. looks really clean for the moment! any plans to weather and the harry touch to it? glad to see you busting out the stuff!

    1. Thanks Steve and Pawel. Steve, yeah its getting pretty light weathering, as stated in the post. It feels good getting stuff done more consistently. This'll be my 3rd build for 2013 so far.

  3. Wow good job Harry, you're off with a very good start on this one.

  4. Good luck harry! If you dedicate as you did with MK-II will be a great job!

  5. What happened to a week? :P One day... One day this will sit beautifully on my shelf :P