Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kotobukiya D-Style Blade Liger


So with no shortage of WIP projects I decided to start working on something small that I can finish quickly. I haven't finished anything in so long and really want to have a completed model to add to my collection.

I started off by sanding and snap fitting the kit and also trimming the male pegs so that it would be easier to disassemble.

Next I found there were several gaps and seam lines to be taken care of (as to be expected from deformed non-scale kits.)

I filled in all the gaps with epoxy putty, then painted/enamel washed the neck joint, put in between the two halves of the torso, removed the seam lines, and masked off the next to lay down the base coat for the torso.

After this I realized that I should've kept the mask on so that I could shade the torso (facepalm.) I then remasked the neck and added white highlights so that I could spray a very thin black over the german grey + white highlights. I generally tend to try and go more in depth with my shading but this is just a small project and I wanted to try out some slightly darker shading than usual. As you can see in the picture below I missed a few areas and had to go back and fill in some with german grey before the black mist. I dunno what's wrong with me tonight, so many small and stupid mistakes.

And finally this is what I have wound up with so far. The not yet detail painted but otherwise complete torso! Thanks for viewing!

Oh yeah I almost forgot. Here is package of 6 MGs I received over the summer courtesy of Bandai via the Gundam.Info Campain Round Two lucky give away!!! MG Deathscythe ver EW, MG Full Armor Unicorn, MG 00 Raiser, MG Sinanju, MG Red Frame, and a MG Strike Freedom