Thursday, December 5, 2013

1/144 RG GP01FB: WIP 1+ Core Fighter Completed

The core fighter is completed for now. I will be doing additional things at the end of the build such as spraying jet exhaust on the thruster tips, painting the landing gears, and beam saber handles. If I can keep the pace I am working at up for the next week or so, I will have this kit done before my deadline of December 17th.

Thanks for viewing as always!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

1/144 RG GP01FB: Weathered Build WIP 1

Hey guys! Long time no see! I remember saying that I would only be working on my Genosaurers for about a year but that totally did not happen. I have one of them about 60% done but don't want to show it until it is complete.

I've been away for so long because I recently started a new job, have been spending more time with my girlfriend of 4 years (our anniversary is right around the corner), and have been playing games pretty much whenever I'm not working.

There's not really a lot to say about my work on this kit. Well, except for that it is being made for a 3 way build off with JustiniusBuilds and Big Z. As always this model is post shaded, using olive drab on the sand colored parts, and red-brown on the red parts. The rest of the core-fighter is drying up some gloss black enamel for the metallic paint (duraluminum and aluminum) I plan to use. I have also finished the RX-79 commission I received so long ago and will be putting up pictures of that kit next week. Stay tuned for more! The build-off deadline is December 17th 2013 so if I wan't to stand a chance against Justin and Z's busted asses, I have to actually finish this kit. I know, me finishing a kit, sounds crazy right? Thanks for viewing!

Friday, April 12, 2013

1/72 Kotobukiya HMM Psycho Genosaurer: A Brief Unboxing

My Next Series of Plamo Projects. HMM 1/72 ZOIDS. Genosaurer Variants.

While I was painting the MG RX-79 I heard my doorbell ring and, as I had expected, a mailman was there with a large box containing the newest Genosaurer and final addition to my Genosaurer collection (for now.)

After the RX-79  has been completed I will be starting on my Genosaurers. These kits are large and highly detailed. They have an immense amount of work involved from cleaning up sinks in the plastic, trimming nubs, removing seams, removing mold lines, and of course painting/detailing the 100s of parts. This is likely all my personal blog will feature for close to 8 months to 1 year. Im sure I'll be working on smaller side projects on the side but, the Genos will be my main priority until I receive the cleaned up and lit up parts for my 1/35 G-System EX-S beam rifle commission. As intimidating as that sounds, I'm just painting the rifle and I'll have 2 years to complete that lol. If any of you are as excited about these ZOIDS kits as I am then stick around and watch some progress unfold! But enough about my vain pursuits and ambitions.

Lets Have Some Fun!

The Box

What a beautiful box at that! The art work is stunning and quite alluring. I can hardly stop looking at it myself. It's like the box is hitting on you but you keep telling it you're married or otherwise not single. She just won't give up! "Clever girl..."As always Koto provides you with a very detailed box that shows you enough of the kit to want it immediately, but not enough to show you just what you're getting into!

The Instruction Manual

Much like the box, the instruction manual draws you into it instantly. It's filled to the brim with lots of detailed pictures of the model along with some intricate art of the Genosaurer's various parts, sub-sections, and mechanisms. The instructions are very straight forward and this is where you start to see how detailed this kit really is.

The Runners

Lots and lots of parts! The plastic is high quality most of everywhere but theres some noticeable imperfections here and there. If you're used to working with car, aircraft, resin, and other models that require more work than lets say, a Bandai Gundam kit, you won't have any problems here. While the kit does appear to be challenging in terms of bringing the detail to life and getting everything fit together perfectly smooth and gapless, it's hardly anything to cry over. It actually looks like a whole lot of fun! Models are supposed to be fun right? It can be easy to forget that when you look at a daunting task.

I hope you have enjoyed taking a look and...

Until Next Time!




MG RX-79(G)WIP 2

So I basically just wasted a good day and half on a really stupid but annoying problem. When removing the seam lines on the torso, all were taken care of with plastic cement and primer filling, except one. On the left side of the torso where the front and back pieces connect, there was a stress mark and the front pieces didn't match up with the back. This made it so that seam was never properly cemented together all the way. So after filling with primer and and sanding and repeating over and over again I said **** it and used some epoxy putty. Each time the front piece would just flex and bend down breaking the filler during the process of sanding. As a result of all this hoo-ha over one damn seam line there was some over sanding so, I layed the putty down thick and sanded it back into shape. Now I'm back on track.

There will be one more WIP post, and then I'll put up a finished display post after decals, panel lines, and weathering.

As always, thanks for the view!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

MG 1/100 RX-79(G) WIP

With the Real Grade Mk-II out of the way I've finally been able to get back to work on other things. This is a kit a received a long time ago as  my commission. I've sold a finished kit and received a few more commissions since. My client let me know from the get go that I could work on this kit very leisurely and take my time, since I don't have much of that anyway. Having said that, it is time to get this done. I'll be removing some seamlines, painting the head, the blue parts, the red parts, the yellow parts, and finally the armory next. All panel lining will be done in brown/grey enamel to account for the owner's style preferences. After all that is taken care of I will be very lightly weathering this kit with some chipping and streaks. It should look pretty decent with the reddish brown shading done to prepare for the other weathering steps. I should have this done in about a week or so, so check back soon!

Colors thus far:

Frame: Alclad Duralumin + Testors Window Tint (smoke)

Armor: Mr. Color Flat White shaded with Mr. Color Red-Brown.

            Mr. Color Flat Red shaded with Mr. Color Red-Brown+ 10% Flat Red

Thanks for viewing as always :)