Tuesday, December 18, 2012

RG RX-178 MkII (Titans) Build Off with Big Z: Continued

It has a head! I think I'm going to continue painting and glossing the remaining parts and then just do all the major weathering, decals, and washes when all is said and done. The end is near!

Should be done just in time for the new group build over at Mechalounge. Come check it out and sign up! Theres nothing to lose and lots to gain! We will be announcing prizes every month of the gb. You can enter literally almost ANY model kit. You can even repaint toys if you like. It runs from Jan. 1 2013 to June 30 2012 so you all will have lots of time. Hope to see you guys there. Here is a link to the Rules and Questions thread  CHAOS GROUP BUILD

Sunday, December 16, 2012

RG RX-178 MkII (Titans) Build Off with Big Z: Continued

Alright I have 3 weeks off so I can get this damn thing done and over with now that theres no reason to procrastinate further. Torso has had all physical indentations made, basecoated, shaded, and glossed for decals etc. :)

I really have to fix the gold band on the left arm..Its hard to tell how chipped an uneven it is in person.

Monday, November 26, 2012

RG RX-178 MkII (Titans) Build Off with Big Z: Continued

   So yeah basically Big Z busted out some killer work by scratch building a custom mammoth of a beam weapon for his AEUG MG Mk II 2.0 so I'm just trying to use any spare time I have to hustle up and get the rest of this kits armor painted and weathered so I can get to making a diorama. I've been messing around with glow powders trying to cook up a nice glow in the dark green for the eyes and sensors but, the finish always comes out rough no matter what. I'll probably just paint the lenses green and get some highlighting done with a fine brush.

   A lot of the weathering techniques I've used in this build are very easy and rewarding. Because the Real Grade line of Bandai Gundam kits are 1/144 scale I had a hard time with getting salt and hairspray weathering techniques to fit the scale without looking ridiculous. Some of the damage around the kit is actually there in the form of hobby knife knicks and indentationss and the other small dings and scratches are just painted on. I saw my friend Kamm do this on his Sazabi last year. He hand paints a lot more and a lot better than I can so my weathering/damage is naturally less refined haha. None the less I got the painted illusion trick from him and used the actual knicks to make the ones without physical depth look more convincing. For chipping the decals I just chipped them with a hobby knife after they had soaked up some Mr. Mark Softer. I found its usually good to reapply more Mark Softer after the chipping so none of decals remain peeled up or otherwise protruding from their surface.

   Everything else is just washes in german grey (acrylic), 50/50 rust/blue grey (acrylic), and black (enamel) (for filters and panel lines.) Most of the washes are brushed on using 91% isopropyl alcohol as a thinning agent for my acrylics (vallejo and model masters; so that they dry and stain fast), and Ronson lighter fluid for my enamels (panel lining and airbrushed filters to tie the shading together a little better.) The only other thing I can think to mention is a little technique a guy from my local hobby shop told me about. He suggested I try making oil stains, burn marks, and residue by mixing acrylic and enamel paint together. The paints do not mix well or at all and the acrylics gum up while the enamel carries the residue. This makes for some kind of cool looking effects (imho) for weathering around vents and thrusters. I guess I could ramble about shading for a while but I go through a pretty long and tedious process that yields results not much different than your average pre-shading/post-shading. Thanks for reading and checking out my work and dont forget to visit MECHA LOUNGE and see what the community is up to! We have some really cool stuff planned for a huge group build coming 2013 that you won't want to miss out on! Also see what Big Z is up to here at our BUILD OFF thread.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kotobukiya D-Style Blade Liger


So with no shortage of WIP projects I decided to start working on something small that I can finish quickly. I haven't finished anything in so long and really want to have a completed model to add to my collection.

I started off by sanding and snap fitting the kit and also trimming the male pegs so that it would be easier to disassemble.

Next I found there were several gaps and seam lines to be taken care of (as to be expected from deformed non-scale kits.)

I filled in all the gaps with epoxy putty, then painted/enamel washed the neck joint, put in between the two halves of the torso, removed the seam lines, and masked off the next to lay down the base coat for the torso.

After this I realized that I should've kept the mask on so that I could shade the torso (facepalm.) I then remasked the neck and added white highlights so that I could spray a very thin black over the german grey + white highlights. I generally tend to try and go more in depth with my shading but this is just a small project and I wanted to try out some slightly darker shading than usual. As you can see in the picture below I missed a few areas and had to go back and fill in some with german grey before the black mist. I dunno what's wrong with me tonight, so many small and stupid mistakes.

And finally this is what I have wound up with so far. The not yet detail painted but otherwise complete torso! Thanks for viewing!

Oh yeah I almost forgot. Here is package of 6 MGs I received over the summer courtesy of Bandai via the Gundam.Info Campain Round Two lucky give away!!! MG Deathscythe ver EW, MG Full Armor Unicorn, MG 00 Raiser, MG Sinanju, MG Red Frame, and a MG Strike Freedom

Sunday, August 5, 2012

RG RX-178 MkII Titans Build Off vs Big Z

Weathering: Continued

Today I got around to finish the left arm and applied final pigments to the weathered areas and edges/panels to highlight the shading a little more. Next update will have the Mk-II completed and then I will be on to my asteroid base + core fighter diorama scene. If you have any constructive criticism on how I can improve upon what I've shown, please feel free to let me know what you think. Thanks for viewing!

Friday, August 3, 2012

RG RX-178 Mk-II (Titans) Build Off vs Big Z.


Long time no update! Almost finished the shoulder today while the rest of the left arm pieces are still glossed and awaiting decals, washes and pigments. Shoulder shown here is at 90%, just need to layer some more dark tones against the weathered rust tones and apply the final pigments prior to another flat coat. All base coats and shading were airbrushed and the weathering was done with a combination of hobby knife damage, hand painted, and washed. I took some of the WIP pictures with different lighting to try and show as many of the shade lines as possible.Thanks for viewing as always! See the rest of the build off with Big Z at <<MECHA LOUNGE>>

Friday, July 20, 2012

MG Sinanju Ver Ka. + NG Conversion Kit (SAGE recast)

NG Sinanju Conversion Kit

Prep Work

So I stopped working on this for a while but my internet failed hard for a few days so I got a good bit done on the Sinanju. Here are some update pictures of my progress thus far.

lots of puttying again

parts didnt fit at all so I trimmed the plastic to fit and fixed some warping by dropping the piece in some hot water, and then taking it out and pushing it against the plastic frame. repeated this a few times.

need to extent the areas that clip onto the plastic part so that the peg no longer shows on the left.

primed to find all the flaws and fill in smaller scratches, knicks, and sink marks. looks like I'll still need to rebevel some of my edges on the parts show, over sanding rounded them off.

finally sanded everything off after a few primes and sanding sessions. everything should be reading for final priming soon.

thanks for viewing, and I know I said id show as much WIP as possible to help others but I dont really feel I'll be able to help out much so I may cut my next updates down to be more short and to the point. theres enough people showin how to get it done the right way anyway  :-\