Wednesday, January 30, 2013

RG Mk II Titans Build Off VS Big Z: Custom Graphic

So the problem with doing a build-off with a guy who is a professional airbrush artist is that...he is a professional airbrush artist.

I have masked up some custom graphics on my models in the past, and I usually go with easier stuff (that also pertains to the model) but if I want a fighting chance against Z this had to be done. He's already much better at scratch building than I will probably ever be. Not really everyone's cup of tea I'm sure but here it is. Im going to weather the graphic in a similar style to the decals.

This is how I approached the graphic.

Thanks for viewing! Next one will be better!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

RG MKII Titans Build Off VS Big Z: Beam Saber

Beam Saber Finished

Waist armor and beam saber done (minus the little piece that sits atop the crotch armor. I don't really know how I feel about how the saber turned out. At most angles I don't think its horrid but a friend mentioned earlier today that it was kind of ice-cream shaped lol. I was going for a comic style motion in a partially swung saber but it might look too comical next to the weathered armor. Theres always next time. Just a few more pieces to armor up with then I can finally wrap this up and weather all of it.

Thanks for viewing! I'll be putting up a lot more stuff soon (I know how long I've drug out such a small easy project,) announcing some great things at the Mechalounge forums, and a new blog I will be a part of.