Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Zeta Plus A1 Wave Rider Mode


The polycap swivel system was so bad for the legs in this old kit that I ended up having to install some pins to make it transform with sound structure....while it was fully painted and assembled  (sad) thankfully no damage!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MG Zeta Plus A1

    Hello everyone my name is Harris Hasan. A small number of you all might know me already as "Harry"from Mecha Lounge. Probably a very small number of you haha. This is my most recent finished model kit. The Master Grade Zeta Plus A1. Post copied from thread.

    Here is my entry for OOB painted category for the 2012 Mecha Contest. This kit was painted 90% of the way with good old Tamiya TS spray cans, and the rest was airbrushed. It was started before I had my Paasche VL. I now use a Badger Renegade Velocity thanks to a trade with Big Z. The airbrush was only really used for glossing and flat coating as well as the gradients and the custom marking. I'll put up new shots of this thing locked up into wave rider mode with the beam rifle soon. I kind of screwed up the rifle so I have to redo it. Decals are 50% Easy Decal and 50% custom decals made by Kamm as a prototype run. Enough talk!

    Thanks for viewing!!

    Be sure to check out the forums at It is a new and fresh modelling community running a HUGE sponsored contest that has tons and tons of awesome prizes. Mecha Lounge was built from the ground by myself Kamm, Aulon, Decay, Sneeper1980, and myself. It was inspired by the teachings of DC23 and one of his famous sayings. Just enjoy the hobby! Enjoying it is something we do very well!

Kamm & Sneeper's 2012 Mecha Contest