Friday, July 20, 2012

MG Sinanju Ver Ka. + NG Conversion Kit (SAGE recast)

NG Sinanju Conversion Kit

Prep Work

So I stopped working on this for a while but my internet failed hard for a few days so I got a good bit done on the Sinanju. Here are some update pictures of my progress thus far.

lots of puttying again

parts didnt fit at all so I trimmed the plastic to fit and fixed some warping by dropping the piece in some hot water, and then taking it out and pushing it against the plastic frame. repeated this a few times.

need to extent the areas that clip onto the plastic part so that the peg no longer shows on the left.

primed to find all the flaws and fill in smaller scratches, knicks, and sink marks. looks like I'll still need to rebevel some of my edges on the parts show, over sanding rounded them off.

finally sanded everything off after a few primes and sanding sessions. everything should be reading for final priming soon.

thanks for viewing, and I know I said id show as much WIP as possible to help others but I dont really feel I'll be able to help out much so I may cut my next updates down to be more short and to the point. theres enough people showin how to get it done the right way anyway  :-\